How I Work

I am a book lover and I started this blog to share my reviews. I do this with every book I read.

I love books and I am always happy to help with sharing. I am also open to publicize other websites and projects. However, please be sure to use my contact page to reach me, so I can publicize you/share with you too.

I also help authors to publicize their books after they contact me and we get to an agreement of what type of post they want me to write. It can be a simple Book Presentation with an synopsys as well as the Buy Links and Author’s Links and Contacts and sometimes the Author’s Bio, an Excerpt of the book chosen by the author or I can make a Review if a free copy of the book is provided to me by the author.


None of the books provided to me is shared with others and I only post information that I am allowed to share.

I also list advertisements and direct links to buy some books. Usually I don’t get the chance to review all of these. Some information may be collected by Coffee Break, you can read our privacy policy here.


Host Sites:
These are the websites that provide me material for some of my posts. I am not paid from these sites, I just help publicising some of the books with different types of posts, so I list these as: Guest Posts, Reviews, Excerpts, Release Party, Week Blitz, Giveaways. Anytime I write a post with information provided by these websites that will be clarified with a sentence in purple, for example: *The material for this type of post was provided by Name of the Website*

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