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Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse – my review

Overview (via Goodreads):
In the novel, Siddhartha, a young man, leaves his family for a contemplative life, then, restless, discards it for one of the flesh. He conceives a son, but bored and sickened by lust and greed, moves on again. Near despair, Siddhartha comes to a river where he hears a unique sound. This sound signals the true beginning of his life — the beginning of suffering, rejection, peace, and, finally, wisdom.

152 pages
First published in 1922

Author’s page in Goodreads:
Hermann Hesse

My opinion:

I read this book some years ago in the beginning of my own spiritual discovery. Before started reading it I expected something completely different. Some people I met at that time were always saying I should read it and it made me feel interested and curious.
This book traces Siddhartha’s journey for enlightenment; a story of a soul’s quest to get rid of his ego. I think this is a book that everyone can read, not only people interested in religion or in a spiritual quest. Have an open mind and don’t expect anything. 
Don’t expect this to be an easy to read romance.
Siddhartha is a rare book. It plants a seed deep in your heart and it grows inside your soul. I want to read it again because I think I’ll have a different understanding about what it says.
The writing is incredible, lyrical. I have to be honest and say that I got confused in certain bits and had to read it a second or third time. However, it doesn’t make it less beautiful or less interesting.
Many people have a bad opinion about this book. Like everything, some people will like it and some people will hate it. Some people will be disappointed, other people, like me, will be happily surprised and have a great experience while reading it.
The author is a teacher. I read one other book he wrote; there’s a specific one I really want to read. The second book I read was what I needed to be sure I want to read more of this author. His words reach my heart and unlock it. For me, he is a spiritual guide, but not all people have to read his books having the same perspective as I do.
My rating: