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Book Release Blitz: The Luthier’s Apprentice by Mayra Calvani

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The Luthier's Apprentice by Mayra Calvani

Book description:  
Niccolò Paganini (1782-1840), one of the greatest violinists who ever lived and rumored to have made a pact with the devil, has somehow transferred unique powers to another…
When violinists around the world mysteriously vanish, 16-year-old Emma Braun takes notice. But when her beloved violin teacher disappears… Emma takes charge. With Sherlock Holmes fanatic, not to mention gorgeous Corey Fletcher, Emma discovers a parallel world ruled by an ex-violinist turned evil sorceress who wants to rule the music world on her own terms.
But why are only men violinists captured and not women? What is the connection between Emma's family, the sorceress, and the infamous Niccolò Paganini?
Emma must unravel the mystery in order to save her teacher from the fatal destiny that awaits him. And undo the curse that torments her family—before evil wins and she becomes the next luthier's apprentice…



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About The Author

Mayra Calvani writes fiction and nonfiction for children and adults and has authored over a dozen books, some of which have won awards. Her stories, reviews, interviews and articles have appeared on numerous publications such as The Writer, Writer’s Journal, Multicultural Review, and Bloomsbury Review, among many others. When she’s not writing, reading, editing or reviewing, she enjoys walking her dog, traveling, and spending time with her family. Represented by Serendipity Literary.


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Release day party: The Taming by Atticus Krum (Book Tour)

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We’re happy to celebrate the release day party today for middle grade novel “The Taming”. Happy release day!
Buy your copy of the book on Amazon: The Taming by Atticus Krum 

About The Book

Title: The Taming
Author: Atticus Krum
Genre: Middle Grade
The Taming Blurb:
A forbidden journey. A secret agenda. A mysterious object. 
When Thutter McClutter, a young Glade-dwelling shrew, willingly decides to break the ancient Code and cross into the shadowy darkness of the great Woode, he is certain that seeing the mysterious Solkreat is the goal.  But as he and his friends near the curious Creature, an altogether different agenda is exposed. One of his fellow adventurers wants the magic hogseye. However, the powerful and wicked Beastmonger also covets the enchanted object, and he will stop at nothing to get it—not even murder.
A story of true friendship, lasting faith, and willing sacrifice, The Taming is the first installment of the Refuge Chronicles—an adventurous trilogy about a young shrew, his newly-discovered purpose, and the ancient conflict between Light and Darkness.

Author Bio
Atticus Krum was born into a very loving family. However, he would face many difficulties as a child. His father would die in prison after being persecuted for his faith, forcing his mother to take her son and flee their homeland. Atticus would be orphaned by age 8.  
A challenging childhood, it was a beginning that was anything but normal.
Nevertheless, it wasn’t until he turned 13 that Atticus began to realize just how abnormal the rest of his life would be, for that was when he realized he could do something that few others in this world could do.
Now to most, the ability to sense the presence of a great tale residing within another would be highly treasured. But to Atticus, this rather unique gift—known as fabulating—simply stood in the way of his future. Since the day he witnessed his father’s arrest, picking up the old man’s clerical mantle was the only thing that young Atticus dreamed of.
But the boy would eventually remember the many tales his parents had shared with him—tales of the Legendarium. He had heard of the ancient fabulators—those who had given their lives to gathering, chronicling, and securing these special stories. Now, this was his calling. And like the fabulators before him, his life was sure to become that of a story-finder.
Of course, the tales of the Legendarium are in no way his stories, and yet in every way they are his stories to tell. They are the accounts of the fantastic, the unexplained, and the curiously delightful. They are the tales of the vitae essentia (essence of life). They are the stories of an amazingly wonderful Magic.
Some call them myths; others call them fantasies or fairy tales. But to those who can see the Magic behind them, they are nothing less than a source of faith, hope and love.
Atticus never intended on becoming a writer; he eventually came to realize, however, that Magic’s stories were meant to be shared. And so now he spends most of his time putting pen to paper to prepare the tales he’s collected for publishing.
When not writing, Atticus enjoys reading a good book, studying something from his vast map collection, or playing one of his many unique instruments such as the fluba, the trongos, or the clackamore.
Today, Atticus resides on a small farm in the Midwest with Albi, his albino ferret. He is visited occasionally by his good friend Fr. Tuck (not the one of Knottingham lore, of course) and travels only when absolutely necessary.
Atticus does not care to be photographed and almost never smiles. What’s more, he dresses exclusively in black.  Of course, he says that the latter is for simplicity sake, but those who know him are certain that he is just color blind.
To learn more about Atticus, please visit his website: www.atticuskrum.com.

Publisher:   www.huntlyhouse.com
Author Website:   www.atticuskrum.com
Get your copy of the book on Amazon: The Taming by Atticus Krum

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Book Release Day Party: Summer’s Shadow by Craig MacLachlan

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Title:Summer’s Shadow
Author:Craig MacLachlan

Genre: YA Fiction

When seventeen-year-old Sierra Winters watches her physical body sink to its death, she realizes a shining silver cord connects her two halves together, but it breaks off from her bellybutton, sinks with her body, and then everything changes when a mysterious boy named Valeck saves her life.

Sierra soon discovers she has stumbled upon a mysterious realm known as The Void, which is filled with mystery, intrigue, danger and love. But upon returning to The Void, she is met by a sinister man known as Maven Kodiak who can manipulate his surroundings into a sickening Rot. Maven wants the power of her silver cord all for himself so he can enter the physical world and conquer it.
On the run from Maven, Sierra struggles to understand her abilities and powers which yield some surprising results. As she and Valeck fall in love, Sierra discovers he is keeping a vital secret from her.

Can Sierra be happy sharing her life between both realms, or will she be forced to choose one over the other forever?

                                        Author Bio
Craig MacLachlan lives in Post Falls, Idaho, USA and is married to Christina. Craig’s passion in life is to tell stories. He started writing at a young age and reads books every chance he gets. His first completed Young Adult novel, SUMMER’S SHADOW, Book One of ‘SierraWinters and The Void, a planned trilogy, is out now and available from online booksellers and high street bookstores by order worldwide. Craig is also working on a Young Adult horror novel and has two short films, “Roger” and “Marbles: A Love Story” he co-wrote with the director. Craig won third place in a one act screenwriting competition sponsored by the Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD) Creative Writing Competition for 2011-12. Craig is also a story contributor for Young Adult Magazine as well as an article contributor for Zen Life. Craig enjoys, among others, reading, treasure hunting and exploring – and can also name all fifty states in alphabetical order!
SUMMER’S SHADOW is Craig MacLachlan’s first published work.
MediaAria CDM’s website: www.mediaaria-cdm.com
MediaAria CDM’s profile on Goodreads:http://www.goodreads.com/user/show/8792972-mediaaria
Craig MacLachlan profile on MediaAria CDM: http://www.mediaaria-cdm.com/craig-maclachlan/
Craig MacLachlan’s profile on Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5805745.Craig_MacLachlan