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The Lords and the New Creatures: poems, by Jim Morrison – My review

Overview (via Goodreads):
Intense, erotic, and enigmatic, Jim Morrison’s persona is as riveting now as the lead singer/composer “Lizard King” was during The Doors’ peak in the late sixties. His fast life and mysterious death remain controversial more than twenty years later.
The Lords and the New Creatures, Morrison’s first published volume of poetry, is an uninhibited exploration of society’s dark side — drugs, sex, fame, and death — captured in sensual, seething images. Here, Morrison gives a revealing glimpse at an era and at the man whose songs and savage performances have left their indelible impression on our culture.

Product details:
Title: The Lords and the New Creatures: poems
Author: Jim Morrison
Number of pages: 144
Publish: October 15th 1971 by Touchstone (first published 1969)

My opinion:

I used to listen to The Doors when I was a child because my dad loved them. At the time it didn’t mean a lot to me, but as I grew older and I started to learn English and understand the lyrics, they became, for me, one of the greatest bands ever.
Jim Morrison is like a god and also one of the persons from all time I would like to meet. This may seem kind of weird to many people and most of my friends don’t understand why, but the only explanation I can give is: it’s Jim. Some will understand, some won’t. (The same, for example, for Janis Joplin. Great woman, great singer, great songs).
I wanted to read this book since I first heard if it. I found it in some stores before, but since I live in Portugal all books I found were translated into Portuguese so I never bought it. I have this weird thing with authors that I really love which is that I have to read what they wrote in the original language, otherwise it doesn’t feel real to me. (The same, for example, for Edgar Allan Poe). 
One day I found the book on the Internet from an American seller but the delivery costs were more expensive than the book itself, so I waited. My boyfriend, who had listened to me speaking about this book for ages, gave it to me for Christmas. Once I started reading it I felt compelled to read more, and more, and more.
I was kind of worried that I would feel disappointed. I love the lyrics of The Doors’ songs so much and I love the random Morrison’s quotes we can find on the Internet, that I was afraid that it would not live up to my expectations; but it did.
I absolutely love Jim’s poems. The way he writes about society is daring but also magical. It makes you feel more exposed, closer to death and mortality. His poems, his words, are raw but sensual. We read about a person who lived in the 60´s rock and roll world of sex, drugs, fame and death. For all that we know of Jim he lived wildly. This book was written by a creative genius who still is speaking to us from beyond the grave.
I tried to forget my obsession for The Doors while reading the book. I want my reviews to be honest. I’m not saying all of this just to make a good publicity to the book. As all books, some people will like it, some people will hate it. For me, it is beyond my initial expectations. Not all of the poems are 5 star quality, but the book overall is.
I finished the book now but I didn’t put it back in the shelf next to the other books I read before. It’s still on my desk so I can occasionally open it and read a little bit again.

My rating:
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