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Oh, Paris! C’est la vie en rose…

One of my favourite destinations is Paris, France.
The first time I went there I was only 9 years-old, and I fell in love by Disneyland (what else could a child want?).
Some years later, went there again in a school trip, and again an year later, to meet my family who lives there.
It was easy for me to fall in love for that city, for the lights, for the people, for the ambiance.
When I was on my exchange student program, I was in Brussels, so close to Paris, only about two hours by train. of course I had to go there again.
That year (2010), I went there two times: first, for a weekend, with my friend who went to Brussels with me on the exchange student program. Then, one week later, instead of coming back straight to Lisbon for Christmas holidays, when I would be home alone for five days because my family was at work and some of my friends were busy with Christmas, I decided to go back to Paris, and spent a whole week at my cousin’s house.
During the day my cousin was at work, and I could do whatever I wanted. Went to see some places where I’ve had been before, and went to explore some news places.
I saw some good expositions in museums, really cheap when compared to Portugal, and spend a day at Montmartre.
Montmartre is possibly my favourite place in the whole city of Paris. Moulin Rouge is there; the movie Amélie AKA Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain (one of my favourite movies ever!) was set in Montmartre; the houses are beautiful; it has some cool pubs/bars with a nice atmosphere… I don’t know why, that place gives me a certain feeling of inner peace.Oh, Paris! How I miss Paris, and those streets, the big subway line, the buildings…
And, yes, I don’t think it’s wrong when people call Paris the city of love. It’s a romantic city. The atmosphere there leads to romance.
I wish I can go there soon again… This time, with my boyfriend 🙂