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Hang in Balance – Daniel Waples

I’m always searching for new music, trying to find artists that are different from those we listen to on almost every radio station.

I found this artist randomly on the internet, in a video where he was playing on the street. I simply loved it, so I took a chance and visited his website.

This is Daniel Waples, from London. He got his first Hand Pan in 2007, he supports himself as an independent musician and thanks each and every individual for the time they spend listening to his work. (via http://hanginbalance.bandcamp.com/).

I’ve heard street artists playing the hang before and I can tell you that for me it’s even better when it’s live, but this is a way of sharing with you some great music.


Facebook  |  Twitter  |  YouTube  |  hanginbalance.com  |  hanginbalance.bandcamp.com

I’m sharing with you at the end of this post one of his albums. You can listen and buy his music on hanginbalance.bandcamp.com. In this one he plays the hang and Flavio Lopez plays the violin. These two instruments together is Magic!


While you listen, please read this that he wrote on his Facebook page

All of my music is again 'Download by Donation', which means YOU set the price of how much to pay...Please share this link with your friends & family.

“Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give.” ― Ben Carson
*Why not set a price?* 

I have a passion for creating music and it is my dream that as many people as possible can enjoy this music regardless of being able to contribute financially. 

This does not mean that I wish for everyone to take my life's work for free, but rather that I ask you to treat the downloads that I offer in much the same way as you would a musician whom you see performing live music on the streets, in a train station, market or anywhere else performing with the intention of entertaining passers by and providing a soundtrack to their daily lives and in return simply putting their hat around the crowd to collect tips and contributions from those inspired and able to give something back. For this reason much of my music can be downloaded from my website for any donation, ranging from nothing to anything that you are able to contribute. 

We are now living in a wonder era where Internet based social mediums are available almost everywhere to practically everyone. In terms of human sociology the textbooks say we have never been as connected as we are right now in this very moment. 

I have dedicated pretty much my everything, and sometimes more, to introduce this art into people lives across our globe. I do this by investing everything I can back into my mission. 

If you enjoy my work and you are in a position to do so then I invite you to contribute and support for a download, buying any of my physical merchandise or indeed making a donation via PayPal. 
I also encourage you to share this music with friends and family but I do ask that you pass on the link to my website so that they can find out the story behind ‘Daniel Waples - Hang in Balance’ and thus connect with the music in a more integral way.

If my music is to be used for your own projects, be it a YouTube video from your family holidays or a commercial advertising campaign, express permission from myself must be granted prior to posting online. 
I thank each and every listener for his or her attention. 

Daniel Waples – Hang in Balance

I hope you can take some minutes to listen to this amazing artist, and I hope you enjoy his music as much as I do.

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