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A little bit of Spain in one week

Not long ago I was in Spain on holidays, spending a week in Andalucía. I am going to write a couple of posts about the places I visited because I don’t want to make a single post that is too long to read.

The house I was staying in it’s placed in the middle of mountains. I did a lot of sleep and eat and read and watching movies. It was brilliant to run away from a big city craziness and routine. In the morning I would wake up to the sound of the birds and in the evening all I could hear was the amazing song of the crickets and some dogs barking. No traffic, no city noises, no packs of people.

The house is surrounded by trees and it has a small river nearby. It is amazing to wake up with the sun on your window and listen to the birds outside instead of cars. I could even find the first poppies of the year in the middle of big green fields.

The weather there in the beginning of April was real spring time, with the warm sun and a gentle breeze during the day. The sun went down between 8 and 9 p.m. At night it would get a little bit cold but the fireplace was the perfect solution for that.

These  are some pictures of the surroundings of the house I was staying in.

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Arroyo Coche is a small village next to Los Palomos, where I was staying. It took me and my friends more or less 20 minutes to walk there and it was a pleasant walk because we were in the middle of a beautiful landscape all the way there. You can find shops for the basic things and there is a bar where we ate delicious paella and some good tapas. People are friendly and nice to you, even if your Spanish is not that good.

I don’t have pictures from Arroyo Coche. The ones below were taken on the way home.

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Soon I will post some more about the places I visited in Spain and some nice pictures as well. I hope you like it!

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