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Threadless is a website where you can buy clothes, but it’s different from many other websites of the same type.
Artists send their drawings and people vote in a scale from 1 to 5 whether they like it a lot, just a little or don’t like it. After that process, some of the drawings “become” clothes and you can buy and wear your favourite.

I think it’s an interesting project because it involves artists and buyers. Artists share their work, getting feedback from other people and if the work get enough votes they can see it, for example, in a t-shirt, Iphone case or wall art.

Some of my personal favourites are:

You can find funny, gothic, abstract and many other types of drawings. Take a peak and see for yourself.
What’s your opinion about this project?

Vladimir Kush and his surrealistic paintigs

Vladimir Kush is a is a Russian surrealist painter and sculptor. He studied in Moscow and later he emigrated to the US. He as a gallery in Hawaii, more specifically in Maui. I love his work and that’s why I decided to post about it.
I’m a great fan of Dali’s work since I can remember, I love surrealism. My dad loved art in its many forms and he always tried to show me everything he knew. (He was also the person who always tried to make me read all types of books when I was younger, as well as he gave me my passion to write, and he taught me my first words and sentences in English; my mum only later started to buy me books and make me feel interested by reading and writing). Anyway, I feel even more in love by this type of art after going to a Dali’s exposition in Paris. It was simply beautiful.
I found Kush some day while browsing surrealistic paintings and I totally loved his work. I can stand hours looking at his paintings; to me he is brilliant.
You can find more about him and his work at his website: vladimirkush.com
I’ll leave you with some (yes…only a few) of my favorite Kush’s paintings . Let me know what you think.
Do you have any favorite painter/sculptor?