About This Blog

This blog is mainly about books, as you can clearly see. In the beginning this was basically the only subject I would write about.

After some time I have decided to write about other things.

You can read about my travels and the places I go to and you can see some pictures that I take from that place. I will not use photos from other people unless they authorize me and I will name the author of the photos.

There is another category named Projects. In the post of this category you can read about projects I find on the Internet or that someone tells me about. I can write about clothing, poetry, art, other blogs, music… anything. Is a category I created to share projects or work that doesn’t belong on the Books category.

Finally you can read about my thoughts. These posts have random subjects and can include some of the Projects. I write about anything that goes on my mind on the moment I’m creating a particular post.

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